December 03, 2000

e importance of living + entries from 2000

[020100] I am happy because life has been interesting. It has been uproariously funny, & it has been immensely sad; it has been inexplicably strange, & it has been dosed with an entertaining amount of irony & satire. Chance & coincidence have conspired to light things up & keep me from dozing off. I've yet to run out of things to learn, & I guess it'll never happen; there's just an incredible load of stuff out there. I guess I'm satisfied =)

[310300] from The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang (translated):

"There is always plenty in life to enjoy for a man who is determined to enjoy it. If men fail to enjoy this earthly existence we have, it is because they do not love life sufficiently, and allow it to be turned into a humdrum routine existence....I think he [Lao Tze] taught the renunciation of the life of the world exactly because he loved life all too tenderly to allow the art of living to degenerate into a mere business of living."

[030400] From letters to MUI:

"Humans tend to pay more attention to what they don't have; have rather than what they have. [100200] Just one of e little 'thoughts' that I scribbled down in this exercise book. Decided that I should start recording all e stuff that crosses my mind in moments of boredom, daydreaminess & serendipity. Realised that a fair bit of my thinking is done when on buses or when I'm busy ignoring lecturers."

"...e 3 questions that I keep asking myself: where am I, where I'm going, & where have I come from. It's kinda like taking stock of things, charting my future course, looking back to see what can be learnt from what has been done & e consequences etc; a way of checking to see what direction am heading in, how far I've come, what I've accomplished so far."

[130400] Here I go again =) exams soon, & busy with this page. Started on a new link on my trip to California almost a year ago, & guess e focus will be on the architectural aspect of it....something that would never have crossed the minds of the folks at VIA (who organised the Trans-Pacific Exchange programme)?

[031200] finally bought Asterix - the 5-in-1 compilation! & of all places, from e NUS Forum Co-op....

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