February 08, 2004

feb 2004

[020204] Tiny e dumb cat, Bugis Junction:


[020204] 4 jian girls + lotsa dao (& a few jian) guys:

240104 240104a

[040204] Science canteen kitten - taken when Gaurav & I spent some time cat-watching:


Who is rich? Someone who realises that he has enough
- Ben Franklin

[080204] my new curtains....


& e ugly prison window grilles that they hide....


decided to get new curtains now that I have a 'permanent' room in this house after living in it for ~9.5 years. 200 free Zo cards collected over e years + ~$2.00 worth of scotchtape + 1 hole puncher later....a BIG FAT SHOCK for my parents *grin* my curtains advertise e following: Nescafe, Absolut Vodka (love their creative ads!!), Apple iPod, Kit Chan's musical production 'Forbidden City', Singapore Art Museum's Rodin sculpture exhibition, Republic of Singapore Navy's contest for naming their new ships, Fruit Tree apple & aloe vera, peach & orange juice, NDP 2002, Mitsubishi cars, some holiday resort in Bintan, tourism in Australia, 'Positive Lives' HIV awareness campaign, The Economist, Volvo cars, Sharp AQUOS LCD TVs, some credit card which I forgot, & lots more =)

[130306 update] new curtains again

[080204] close to midnight on e 8th day of e 1st month of e Lunar calendar (290104) - 'bai tii kong' (bai4 tian1 gong1):

290104 290104a

realised how little I know about this tradition, like what e two candles right at e front are for, & why there has to be entire 'stalks' of sugarcane (leaves & all, which at approx 3m in length makes it kinda hard to carry back from e market) among e offerings

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