June 03, 2003


one can be only as happy as one allows oneself to be. as a kid, always wondered why humans seemed so unhappy. does e true source of unhappiness come from within? e inability to look beyond oneself & one's own problems? a distortion of perception whereby one wallows in self-pity & magnifies one's own problems beyond proportion? how far can you see? how far does your 'worldview' (to borrow a Physics term for lack of a better word) extend? no further than your own nose, or far enough to provide a balanced perspective of things? to give yourself a chance at thinking rationally? life can be like shit. but at least like all organic matter, shit decomposes =P

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The Buddha said, 'No enemy can harm one as much as one's own thoughts of craving, thoughts of hate, thoughts of jealousy and so on.'
- from 'How To Overcome Your Difficulties' by Ven Dr K. Sri Dhammananda

freely distributed by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. other meaningful reading material can be downloaded in PDF format at their website.

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[030603] money is a fickle companion, but it stays longest by e side of those who truly understand & respect its value.

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Some people have the blessings of sudden wealth through chance or inheritance, but not many are endowed with the wisdom to protect it, conserve it or put it to good use. Anything that is not earned through the sweat of hard work tends to be squandered through abuse.
- Ven Dr K. Sri. Dhammananda

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