May 13, 2003

apr - may 2003

[050403] Found out at Action City (e Heeren Annex shop selling anime stuffed toys & figurines) that I share e same birthday as e Japanese cartoon character Astro Boy =)

Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only then will you find you cannot eat money

- Cree prophecy

[230403] have you heard e footsteps (hindpaw-steps?) of a cat? its one thing that never fails to amaze they can come & go like your shadow

[240403] latest 'craze' after my fascination with koi nobori - e little ornaments sewn from kimono cloth that people in Inatori, Japan hang during hina no tsurushi kazari matsuri, their version of the Doll's Festival

[130503 update] 'kimono cloth' drawstring flower sewn for Mothers' Day: closed configuration (left) & open configuration (right). couldn't find kimono cloth in Singapore, so settled for half-priced cloth remnants from Orchard Point Spotlight. no point buying metres of cloth at full-price unless I intend to sew a giant Rafflesia flower =P flower design pattern is from a Japanese book on traditional kimono cloth handicrafts from Ngee Ann City Kinokuniya. (thanks to man-maid for his digital camera)

[290403] impermanence, a concept that never fails to fascinate me:

Bare feet tickled by the powdery sand
Pressing footprints along the shore
A vain attempt to leave a testament
That I walked this path before
Will you remember
Will you remember me
My face on the water
Wrinkles with the tide
And vanishes from the ocean's silver screen
Like stars sprinkled in the sky
Forgotten when the sun appears
Will you remember
Will you remember

- excerpt from Will You Remember Me by Corrinne Foo

[040503] another nohohon, but not a cat:

nohohon-zoku - this little solar-powered guy sits there holding a fishing rod, nodding away ever so peacefully

[130503] for those who talk to me over ICQ/MSN, these 2 guys are who you've actually been chatting with, especially when I'm away getting a drink or doing something else:

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May 08, 2003


[080503] while waiting for e bus home at Kent Ridge terminal yesterday, saw a pigeon sleeping in, of all places, e middle of e bus bay. a bus came along & hit e startled bird, but though injured, it managed to flap away to a bush by a fence behind e bus shelter. out of nowhere a ginger cat appeared from behind Eusoff Hall, shot through a hole in e fence & got e pigeon by e neck.

e pigeon had to sleep at that time of e day. it had to sleep in e middle of e road. it had to be deaf to e roar of e bus engine & screams from 2 girls waiting at e terminal. it had to fly into that bush. e hole in e fence had to be right next to where e bush was. it had to be big enough for e cat. e cat had to be lying there in wait. just wasn't e bird's day, but definitely e cat's.

[200503 update] found a tiny green praying mantis (yellow & red eyes, a damaged wing & missing one hindleg) in SPS. on my way to release it at the plants around MD4 (fewer birds there to munch on it), saw a Calotes lizard on a hibiscus branch....with a much smaller lizard between its jaws.

[210703 update] last Saturday afternoon while waiting for the bus at Dover, watched a Calotes lizard run down from a tree to nab & wolf down a small cockroach. was a bit of a struggle for e lizard cos e roach was kinda big & struggling - by e time my bus came it was still in e middle of e pavement trying to get e roach down its throat.

[091003 update] on Tuesday evening, came across two mynahs sharing a black & white butterfly for dinner. first time seeing something black & white eating something black & white....zebras don't eat oreo cookies do they? =P

[010304 update] last Friday night after training, saw a lizard with a wriggling squirming struggling slug-like worm between its jaws trying to drag it up one of e pillars of e internal shuttle bus stop outside e former Kent Ridge Hall. e worm was at least twice e size of e lizard's head....can't imagine trying to drag something twice e size of my own head using just my teeth while climbing up a pillar, much less finish it in a single meal =P

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