December 31, 2003

dec 2003

[021203] from some forum: 'women are nothing but trouble, men are nothing but trouble seekers' - wah can laugh until cry *grin*

[061203] laptop computers: another nice & warm place to snooze apart from e bonnets of parked cars....shut eye after shut down =)


To Treasure Everything (in this moment) as All is Transient;
To be Unattached to Everything (in this moment) as All is Transient

- from Be A Lamp Upon Yourself eliminating e wrong conception[sic] of permanance & e afflictive emotions which arise depending on it....mind becomes clearer & more capable of enjoying things for what they more in e present, appreciating things as they are now, without fantasies about what they are or will be....worry less about small matters....become less ego-sensitive to every action other people do in relation to us

- from I Wonder Why by Thubten Chodron

[101203] something from e California trip - click on e images.

(below left) in e courtyard - Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University; (below right) in guess where? - Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University:


(above left) banana peel sculpture made to look like a dancer dancing across e courtyard; (above right) at e washbasin in e loo

(below left) sis + cat - Exploratorium, San Francisco; (below right) Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco:

(above left) glass panel doors of e Exploratorium entrance; (above right) if you can't find me here, I'm in e middle of e top row of glass panels - attracted a LOT of stares while shooting this pic *grin*

inspiration for these pics: an accidental self-portrait (below) taken back in May 2002 while fixing my camera in a ladies powder room in e National Museum for Emerging Science & Innovation, Tokyo =D

anyway so many many people have hit upon this idea before:

corgito ergo sum - I think, therefore I am....

....NOT one of those dodos behind e culling of stray cats, e EZ-link system, e NUS admin, e chopping down of e Changi tree, e withdrawal of bus services running parallel to e North-East Line, primary school streaming exams, e incessant ringing of handphones on buses & trains, e censorship of Royston Tan's 15, e shrinking size of HDB flats, e CPF cuts, e NUS RHAPS system for readmission into campus housing, e anti-dialect (aka. communication breakdown with grandparents) policy, e building of more golf courses in land-scarce Singapore, e x*xxxx human resource policies....

christmas wishes: [1] that e transport minister & LTA bosses be banned from owning cars, but allowed to have as many EZ-link cards as they like to get around on public transport, [2] that e kids of e education minister & MOE policymakers study only in neighbourhood schools & local universities (this could apply to e dons of local unis too!! if they think their uni is world-cRass, why do they send their kids abroad?), & [3] that e MND & HDB bosses be allowed to live only in HDB flats =P


The proud ones do not last forever, but are like the dream of a spring night. Even the mighty will perish, just like dust before the wind.

- quote from National Geographic article on samurai

[151203] like this Japanese woodblock print cos of how e waves tower above Mt Fuji, e sense of distance from e mountain & e closeness & fury of e pounding waves, & e contrast between e sheer power of e forces of nature (e waves) & puny man (e flimsy boats), who always thinks he's so great:

The Great Wave at Kanagawa (from a Series of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji) by Katsushika Hokusai

[171203] got bored after finishing experiments for e day. damn boh liao, but here goes....

game can be found here

[301203] first few shots =)

[L] another of my papercuts; [R] mother cat + 3 kittens by a kerb @ Dover:

overnight in SPS - Huegesh, sootty, Gaurav, Boy, Kamalesh & e cat (Mahesh asleep thus not in either photo):

playing around with night scene mode while waiting for bus at Kent Ridge terminal:

[311203] found e Sony Ericsson tv advert song!! for once there's something nice & cute to watch on TV mobile - can listen to this song for hours *grin* - SonyAdvert.mp3 & Sony Advert.mpg

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