December 16, 2006

olympus LI-10B battery + xD card

  • Olympus LI-10B batteries
    (for Olympus C-50/C60ZOOM & µ [mju:] 300/400/410 digital cameras)

  • xD cards

needed for 3 weeks (171206 - 070107)....

anyone has any to spare & is willing to lend to e cat? 10-Q!

[ 081106 update ] big fat 10-Q to e monumental one for e loan of TWO spare batteries =) a fellow Olympus mju300 owner, he brought e cat's one up to e Kinabalu summit 2 years ago, making it e camera's second time on e summit within an hour....& after that decided to get one of his own - we both dig hardy weatherproof stuff, since 'daintier' stuff might find their lifespans shortened in our hands/paws....

can e cat safely assume that he will be quite understanding should anything untoward happen to e batteries *touch wood* when e cat brings them to less-than-civilised places, since he himself frequents less-than-civilised places with sometimes not-very-kind terrain & weather conditions? ;)

(& having said this, no one will dare lend e cat their xD cards liao....)

[101106] how Olympus sells cameras to cats: *mjuuuuu*

last Saturday e cat watched e English version of this Olympus µ [mju:] 710 commercial while queueing at e Olympus service centre - here is e Japanese version from YouTube =) wonder how long it took to film this....& wonder how much fish was e cat model paid?

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