April 15, 2007

201206 Muang Sing market


In front of the red roof section (right half of above photo) is the live poultry section - a line of wriggling, clucking & quacking baskets in front of their sellers, awaiting inspection by prospective buyers. Under the red roof is the noodle soup section with identical stalls dishing out their version of khao soi.

click here for larger version

click here for larger version

The cat was one of the very few females not wearing a sinh (Lao skirt), & a bunch of songthaew drivers debated among themselves whether the cat was Lao or Chinese...until it raised its camera to snap the above few shots before leaving.



Wanted to view this from the guesthouse rooftop, but Mr Sendai & Mr Belgian 1 had shut the door so tightly, the cat couldn't open it!

Muang Sing 'bus' station:


Bus in inverted commas, for the cat never did see a single bus there...

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