November 04, 2007

251206 Sunset Guesthouse - 02

Note: the cat is NOT a real estate agent selling this place =P

At the back of the guesthouse section - containers carved from big fat bamboo stems?


Beneath a neighbour's house - space for parking motorbikes, sheltering livestock, weaving loom & what looks like conical fish traps?


Front verandah next to entrance:

PC250299 PC250298

Guests lounge here in the daytime while the boys who work in the guesthouse (more on them later) sleep here at night:


Front verandah viewed from outside:


Dining area:


Outdoor section of dining area overlooking the Nam Ou:


New ensuite bungalows overlooking the river - some already occupied, some still under construction (as of Christmas 2006) by Mr Sunset Guesthouse & the boys:


Battery disposal:

PC260388 PC260389

No idea if the 'books for batteries' collection scheme was still in effect, but better than discarding them into the river or other water sources.

Poster on a wall - the ugly side of tourism:


The cat has never travelled by European airlines to Southeast Asia but it was told that videos like this & this (Air France) are now screened inflight. The cat can only hope that the situation in Laos will never reach the proportions of that of Cambodia.

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