May 04, 2008

261206 Wat Hosieng - 02

Eleven-spired ຍອດຊໍ່ຟ້າ yot sor faa on the roof ridge, with hongsa that look like roadrunners:


Doors of the ໂບດ bot...


...which has a verandah on either side:


Detail of pillar:


Tied to the rafters of the verandah is the long naga-shaped wooden ຣາງລິນ haanglin (trough) used for pouring water onto Buddha statues to cleanse them during Lao New Year celebrations:


People will pour water into the tail end & the water will drip from the mouth end onto Buddha statues placed beneath. Not sure how or why the use of this trough came about, but it's a good way to avoid having people tower directly & not exactly respectfully over the heads of the Buddha statues. A better photo of it here.

Eave brackets:


This is one of the very few places where the cat has seen naga with bloodshot eyes & their mouths painted menacingly red...hopefully cat meat isn't part of their diet.

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