June 22, 2008

260807 中元节 Hungry Ghosts Festival - 3 大士爷

大士爷 the King of Hades, is one of the many forms taken by the Goddess of Mercy (aka. 观音 Guan Yin & Avalokiteśvara). During the 7th month of the Lunar Year, the gates of hell are opened to allow ghosts to wander in the human world, & 大士爷 controls them to keep them from causing trouble for the living.


大士爷 is usually depicted with blue skin, hence the blue hands. Not sure why his face is covered up:


At the end of the ceremonies this paper effigy of 大士爷 will be burnt as part of a send off for him.

Banquet tables for invisible diners, complete with plates & cutlery & a set of clothes & shoes on every seat:


Pink puppet theatre for dinner entertainment:


Coming up next - what lies behind the black curtains on the left...

1 comment:

Nod said...

da-shi-ye's face is covered up so he doesn't scare any stray spirit that is wandering by. however when the gates of hell is closing, they lift off the cover to let him usher those who have not left back into hell