October 26, 2008

North Laos + Isaan 2008

[061008 - 211008] SIN - BKK - Sakon Nakhon - Nakhon Phanom - That Phanom - Sakon Nakhon - Udon Thani - Nong Khai - Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Phou Khoun - Vientiane - KUL - SIN

Original plan for exploring the two 'Ly's didn't materialise...instead, the cat went on a trip to visit a whole bunch of 'consultants', celebrate Boun Ok Phansa & Boun Lai Heua Fai festivals, enjoy a spot of cool weather in the mountains, & indulge in a favourite past time - admiring the architecture, paintings & carvings in a total of 37 Buddhist temples:

Khob jai lai lai to: Pha KI & 'the old monk', Pha DS, Mr. Hans, Khun Aduntanes, Khun Napassorn, Khun Sommat, Phrakhru K, Luangphor K, novice W, novice N & the other WPCC novice who tagged along everywhere, the prasat pheung (wax castle) builders of WPCC, Miss That Phanom TGF of a farang, Sao Yellow Shirt on the Udon Thani-Vientiane bus, Sao Ban Meunna & the hilarious VTE-LPB bus crew, ST, CT, DT & family, TT & family, Pha A & novices of WHS (LPB), Pheng, Mrs. Vandara & Ms. Bounlek, Tui of Coldriver Guesthouse, owner of Xaiphavong Guesthouse, Thad (SYB), Pha V (Kasi) & Pha A (SVK) of WHS (VTE), Miss CT & Miss M (Kasi), Miss CS (Bokeo), Pha SS of WNB, Done, & the 'tuktuk driver committee' of Th. Manthatulat :)

ppl01 - Copy

[1, 3] vice-abbot literally dragged TYF to his kuti & made us talk & take photos with him until it was time for the temple gates to be locked
[2] Adun - the only staff who could speak some English, & Sommat - who couldn't but would patiently wait for the cat to decipher the Thai-only menu
[4] TT's mum was ready to grab & carry the cat off to her house
[5] 3 of 6 brothers out of 9 siblings
[6] one of CT's first attempts at using a camera
[7] 2 of 3 sisters out of 9 siblings
[8] back at Vanvisa after 2 years
[9] ST's family & aunt

ppl02 - Copy

[1] vice-abbot's first attempt at using a camera
[2] from Pakpasak Technical School - Miss CT's second day in VTE
[3] TT & mum
[4] he who saw the cat off right on the tarmac of 'doen bin Wattay'
[5] Lao Hmong don't drink except during Hmong New Year :)
[6] seated to hide the mess behind us - temple rabbit chewed up the Law & English books & notes
[7] after the trip to NUOL Dongdok
[8] ST & DT & family
[9] TT's first attempt at using a camera

ppl03 - Copy

[1] vice-abbot searched the Thai-English dictionary for the word 'naughty' to describe him - enough said :P
[2] after the second day of wat-hopping on his 'boh license' motorbike
[3] the youngest T
[4] even more Ts
[5] another of CT's first attempts at using a camera
[6] ST's dream girl :P

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