May 01, 2010

030107 Ban Mae Ter - 01

Breakfast part 1:
豆浆油条 dou jiang you tiao at Mae Salong morning market (see here for interesting bit about how the Thai/Lao name for it - 'pathongko' - is a misnomer). Steered everyone to the stall that the other YK & the cat ate at during the 2005 trip. Only one sister at the stall - the other had already left for school. Passed her uncropped versions of their photos from 2005 - all siblings are still in school although it's tough juggling school + running the stall to support themselves + taking care of the family.

Breakfast part 2:
Fifth noodle restaurant that the cat has tried in Mae Salong. YH takes his noodles very seriously:


Breakfast part 3:
Only for Aki & the other cat, who went on a hunt for khao soi.

Respite from breakfastsss - waiting at Shin Sane Guesthouse for the truck to Ban Mae Ter:

Photo by the other HY

Not breakfast:


Finally made it to Ban Mae Ter. The other YK & the cat stumbled upon a path leading to this village while exploring an alternative route down from Phra Boromathat chedi in 2005. Never knew that it was involved in the field studies module offered by the Geography Department of the cat's university, even though the Monumental One did this module in 2004. & never expected to visit 2 years later in the company of other field studies alumni who had done their projects in this very village.

More stuff hanging from above - the 'loofah' gourd:


When dried, the skin is peeled off & the fibrous remains of the insides are used as sponges for bathing & also for washing dishes:


Plastic-ky poinsettia courtesy of harsh afternoon sun:


It's something the cat hasn't quite figured out - why does it find poinsettia - native to Mexico & Central America - in all sorts of odd places in rural Chiangrai?

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