September 11, 2010

060107 home improvement

Staying with this family usually means sleeping together with Mrs Barber & the 3 youngest kids (& YK & Aya if they're around) on the women's half of the house. On this visit the cat was puzzled to find itself having the entire house to itself come the family's ~21:00 bedtime every night. It'd leave the light on for them while wondering where on earth the entire family (save for the Master Basket Weaver who was away visiting another son in another village) could have gone at such a late hour (by village standards)...only for Mrs Barber to reappear at the usual 04:00 timing the next morning to start the fire for cooking rice...& the kids & Mr Barber to appear later...

& then it realised that the family had shifted over to this new hut they had built directly behind the house...

P1060409 preparation for the dry season task of replacing the roof & making other repairs to the house.

Materials for home improvment - wood:


Bales of imperata grass stacked in every spare corner:


To be folded & tied around lengths of bamboo:


Fresh bamboo piled outside:


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