January 09, 2011

060107 Mae Khajan to Chiangmai

Mae Khajan in Mae Chedi subdistrict - the midpoint stop for buses between Chiangmai & Chiangrai:


There is a hilltop chedi somewhere behind the Mae Khajan bus station:

Photos from December 2010

Wonder how the view across the surrounding ricefields against the mountain backdrop is like from the top...for those interested in exploring with their own wheels, it is at +19°12'26.25"N, +99°29'28.78"E (based on Google maps satellite view). Some day the cat would like to explore Mae Khajan - a place that still has little in way of English signage (even as of December 2010). From the bus window it spied quite a few nice wooden houses, a couple of temples & a market in the town & plenty of Lahu & Lisu people in the area.

The Chiangmai-Chiang Khong direct 6-hour bus at right - for tourists hurrying from Chiangmai trekking tours to catch the Huay Xai-Luang Prabang Mekong slowboat:


Suaku cat usually travels by ordinary (fan) bus like this one:


So it was new to the frills that come with AC buses:


Lanna Thai Guesthouse - because they wanted somewhere near the Night Bazaar:


Dinner was at the Anusarn market right behind & the rest of the evening spent at the Night Bazaar, with some Thai tourists mistaking the cat for a stallholder selling stencilled prints of characters from the Ramakien.

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