February 05, 2007

chiangrai 2005 - 30 chiangrai night bazaar

[201205] while at MAG we'd met Susan, a volunteer from the UK who lives in Thailand...& Phayao has a road named for her =P


back to Chiangrai again to catch the next morning's flight to Bangkok...

Phayao-Chiangrai bus - how to stop the door from flying shut:


on the Chiang Kham-Phayao bus, the door was held closed by inserting the biggest fattest nail we'd ever seen into a gap at the top once occupied by a lock mechanism.

Chiangrai night bazaar again:


there's at least one stallholder who dresses (partially) as an Akha, but from the way she wears her headdress...hmmmmm ;) & some nights she is a Lomi Akha & other nights she is a Phamee Akha...identity crisis!

one of the cat's favourite stallholders, an Akha lady from Ban Ruammitr:


the Akha shoulder bags that a few of you got on the last day of 2005 were from this stall. ideally we prefer to buy handicrafts within villages, but time & circumstance on this trip did not permit this.

owner of a shop that specialises in textiles & basketry:


YK was interested in some unique little finely woven baskets from Nagaland, & we ended up chatting quite a bit. textiles are from her factory in Wiang Pa Pao district, where her home is, & some of her basketware is produced in a village near Mae Jaedi/Mae Kajan (where Chiangmai-Chiangrai buses break their journey). Homespun in Singapore (located in the Arts House at Old Parliament) carries some of her products.

met her in Jan 2007 to pass her this photo, & she still remembered us because of YK's interest in the Nagaland baskets =)

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