June 18, 2007

231206 Muang Khua cat welcome committee

Nam Ou Guesthouse can be accessed by a rickety wooden staircase from the riverbank, & two paths that lead in from the main road, one starting near Sernnali Hotel, the other from the bus station. On the riverbank, a big fat pool of fluorescent green sludge too wide for the cat to jump across stood in the way. It had to make the uphill climb from the boat landing into Muang Khua central & take the Sernnali path.

The main street was so potholed & deeply rutted it seemed to have been bombed. Walking past the little market into the rabbit warren of homes & a badminton court with kids playing the slipper game, Muang Khua had the feel of a nice (albeit highly concretised) village =) At the top of the steps leading down to Nam Ou Guesthouse, the red-roofed structure with cream coloured walls on the left:


Out sprang members of the Muang Khua cat welcome committee that had been lying in wait:


For those who don't believe that cats can go backpacking: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blogs/travel_blog/2007/03/have-cat-will-travel.html

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