June 23, 2007

231206 removing the Nam Ou

...from the cat's backpack:


The slow boat leaked quite a bit, & from time to time sleeping passengers would be shocked awake by a wave of water sweeping *SMACK* into their faces, especially when a speedboat roared by...

At times like these the cat is more than grateful for its Olympus mju300 camera, which has functioned from 0m to +4095m a.s.l. through acid rain, salt-laden ocean spray, fog & condensation, several villages' worth of dry season dust, guano, snow, ice, hail, spilt drinks, plenty of knocks & a few falls...as weatherproof as the manufacturers make it out to be (remains to be tested in tornados & lightning though).

Plastic bags, rubberbands, sandwich bag clips & ziplocs recycled from the cat's lab kept everything except the backpack itself dry:


Singaporeans might recognise the folded national icon in the foreground - the NTUC Fairprice supermarket plastic bag...the cat has lost count of the number of times it has spotted Singaporeans with it in USA, Europe, Australia, NZ & Asia ;)

Mr 36L Tatonka:


After about 10PM when all the lights, radios & TV sets in town went *poof*, the cat was more than grateful for its little Maglite & the way it can be used like a candle, as well as the peace & quiet with which it could enjoy the starry sky in the pitch darkness of the empty badminton court =) If the cat had a straw mat & if there were no wandering dogs, it would have spent the night out there in the open. But Nam Ou Guesthouse Mama & other Muang Khua villagers would be pretty freaked out by the idea of the cat spending a night together with the local spirits & ghosts.

1000kip instant noodles from Hat Sa - made in China with Japanese wording on the packaging:


Interesting how the language of a wartime enemy who massacred thousands can be used to snazz up a product & increase its appeal to consumers - the green Chinese characters 日式鸡丁味 ri4 shi4 ji1 ding1 wei4 mean 'Japanese style chicken flavour' ;)

How are carrots & shallots 'dehgdrated' & pork & fresh shellfish distilled?


If Getafix the Druid (from Asterix) or Macbeth's three witches won't lend us a cauldron, we can still enjoy by 'direct edible':


end of day 7 (231206):
noodle soup/pho/feu/khaaw soi eaten to date = 05 bowls

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