November 30, 2008

281206 Wat Xieng Thong - mist version

At 7:40AM, the cat found itself all alone in the deserted grounds of Luang Prabang's most famous temple:


Multi-layered roof of the sim (main chapel) sweeping almost all the way down to the ground, characteristic of Luang Prabang style temples:


Similar to the roofs of some temples in the upper north of Laos:

P1010470-chom khaomanilat
Wat Chom Khao Manilath (Huay Xai)

But distinct from the steeper roofs of Vientiane temples (left) & the 'high & dry' roofs of Bangkok temples (middle & right):

L-R: Wat That Luang Neua (Vientiane), Wat Suthat (Bangkok), Wat Pathumwanaram (Bangkok)

After the cat had wandered around Wat Xieng Thong for quite a while, a few novices emerged after finishing their breakfast to head to school, ticket sellers arrived to set up their tables, & the first busload of tourists pulled up at the main entrance...but they didn't stay long - a few requisite snaps of the two must-see buildings in this temple (the sim & the funerary chariot hall) & they bundled back into their bus - it was an exceptionally cold morning according to the cat's new friends, some of whom fell ill after walking on alms round this morning.

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