December 09, 2008

281206 Wat Xieng Thong - funeral chariot & urns

The chariot used to transport the remains of King Sisavangvong to the cremation site:


There are three urns on the chariot - the one at the front (shown above) was used for the remains of King Sisavangvong's father. The chariot seems too large to fit through the doors, & the building appears to have been constructed around it - even if the facade was removed, concrete pillars would still prevent the chariot from being pulled out. Just as well - this town is unlikely to witness a royal funeral ever again. Three of the seven nagas at the front of the chariot:


The middle urn used for the remains of King Sisavangvong:


Somewhere at the back is a third urn that was used for the remains of King Sisavangvong's mother. Detail of the gilded carving at the base of the chariot:


Looks like the 'Hanuman catches Suphanmacha' episode from the Pha Lak Pha Ram story again, although the cat has no idea what the two alligator-like creatures (bottom left & right) are doing among the mermaids:


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