December 08, 2008

281206 Wat Xieng Thong - Mount Kailash & owls

Hanuman at bottom left, with his monkey feet & tail:


The thimithi scene, where Nang Sida walks through fire (agni pariksha) to prove her purity to the people of Ayodhya:


Hanuman (below left, with both arms raised) lifts up Mount Kailash (Kailasa) to bring it back to the kingdom of Lanka:


Pha Lak, Pha Ram's soldiers & the monkey army had all been wounded in the battle with Totsakan, & Hanuman had to obtain the life-restoring sanjivani herb from this mountain to save them all. As he could not identify the correct herb when he arrived at the mountain, he simply uprooted the entire mountain & carried it back. Once the soldiers had all been healed, Hanuman tossed the mountain back to the Himalayas. Click here for someone else's clearer photo of this panel.

The second pair of owls...


...each with the head of a demon at its chest:


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