April 04, 2010

010107 Doi Khao Khwai

Outside Wat Phra Singh - what we thought was graffiti...


...turned out to be ห้าม haam (forbid) จอด jot (park) รถ rot (vehicle) ขวาง khuang (obstruct) ประตู pra-dtuu (gate). This is how the cheapskate cat seeks out FREE Thai lessons - deciphering toilet signs, road signs, food stall signs, drink bottle labels, bus station timetables, temple names, red shirt/Pheua Thai party campaign stickers & 'self-inflicted' graffiti :P

Met up with the two who didn't tag along to Wat Phra Singh + Mr Akha (Mae Yao) + Mr Akha (Doi Chang) at the old clock tower next to the municipal market, & set off for Destination Unknown:

Photos by The Other HY

Which turned out to be ดอยเขาควาย Doi Khao Khwaai (Buffalo Hill) at the southern end of Chiangrai city. View of Chiangrai city from the top:

Click here for larger version

Another one of Chiangrai city's many Wat Phra Somethings - Wat Phra That Doi Khao Khwai:



Photo by The Other HY

Down the hill & back into the city centre to the night bazaar for dinner, where we were joined by Mr Akha (Mae Suai). The food section had expanded since the cat's last visit in December 2005, & a second performance stage had been added. Knee chicken, head human:


After passing Mdm Akha (Ban Ruammitr) & Mdm Wiang Pa Pao their photos from December 2005, the cat found the two-who-didn't-go-to-Wat-Phra-Singh + the 3 Mr Akhas + roses (for not one but two...HMMM...:P) at a table in front of the old stage. They invited the cat to join them while waiting for the rest to return, but cat radar picked up something in the air & it decided not to hang around - 3 lightbulbs/gooseberries were more than enough, whoever the two were (which would become clear over the next few days) didn't need the cat as a fourth *GRIN*

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