April 18, 2010

030107 moonset sunrise

Sorry for poor images - cat no have tripod.

YK's idea - a reprise of what he'd done during his field studies trip to Mae Salong - 4:00am climb up 700+ steps to the hilltop Phra Borommathat chedi. Only source of light up there - a freaking bright full moon:


Ethereal - the moonlit chedi glowed beneath a swirl of stars + thin wisps of clouds threaded through the nightsky, which had the cat thinking of Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apperentice & this version of the Walt Disney Pictures logo. Accompanying silence + coldness of the wind = the kinda moment when the world stands still as both mind + heart are filled with an almost meditative lightness that cannot be translated into any number of pixels.

是诸法空相 the characteristics of all things empty: 不生不灭 nothing arises nothing ceases
不垢不净 nothing is defiled nothing is pure 不增不减 nothing increases nothing decreases
是故空中无色 in emptiness there is no form 无受想行识 no sensation, perception, volition or consciousness

- 《心经》 Heart Sutra

While the rest staked out the east side of the chedi in anticipation of sunrise, the cat sat on cold tiled floor at the west side basking/mentally floating in the dry form of moonshine:


Moon starts to turn orange...


...with first hint of sun under the morning star in the east:


Standing at the north side of the chedi - moon retires from night duty on the left...


...in perfect tandem with the sun taking over for day shift on the right:


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