August 15, 2010

040107 TV replaced the dehaw

Impossible to take photos without her jumping in front of the camera:


She'd just learnt to walk not long before the first time we came to stay in 2004, but she can remember the cat. Of the 3 kids who still live in the village, she's the only one who isn't away for a good part of the day at school, & is thus the closest to her parents.

They were pasting the stickers they'd peeled off the fruits we had on one another:


Their dad loves this photo of the only son + youngest daughter.

In Akha villages people used to hang out, sing & dance together in the evenings at a communal open space called the dehaw. & then there was electricity, followed by TV:


But people from some households still hang out together in the evenings. Practically every household/family is related in one way or another, not every home has their own TV set yet (in 2004 only the older half of the village had electricity), some have karaoke systems, & the older people still prefer gathering around the outdoor fires esp during the cold season - sharing saves firewood + effort spent collecting & carrying it down from the hills. The TV in this house is a magnet for kids from neighbouring families.

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