March 06, 2005

mystery of e missing clothes hangers - solved

this happened before Dec 2003 since e photo was taken using e old Canon IXUS APS film camera....

clothes hangers started to disappear from our backyard, & e crows that plagued e neighbourhood were nailed as e culprits when we caught them diving down, landing on e laundry rack, & then flapping away, hangers in beaks. but why hangers, since food was what they usually helped themselves to?

one day my mum looked up as she walked below a bauhinia tree outside a neighbour's house & saw this:


a closer look:


e most colourful crow's nest we've seen =)

unfortunately e neighbour didn't appreciate it as much as we did & got NParks to chop down e beautiful bauhinia tree.

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tibet said...

where does the tree seek redress from then?