October 29, 2006

chiangrai 2005 - 15 more mae salong

[141205] plant covered vegetarian restaurant in Mae Salong:

photos by YK


wonder what kinda plant those big fat giant leguminous-y pods come from. nobody seemed to be around when we went in & sat down, & so all we got from this restaurant were photos ;)



Salema restaurant, aka. 'Salima' in many travel guidebooks:

photo by YK

kai phaat met mamuang himmaphan (chicken fried with cashew nuts - one of e cat's favourite Thai catfood) with rice + kuay tiaw phaat sii ew (drier Thai version of Chinese hor fun) for lunch:

photos by YK

when we returned e next morning for breakfast, e restaurant owners plucked a shoot from their tea plants for us =)

Shin Sane Guesthouse friends:


this super manja black & white tom kitten smashed its face into e insect screen of our room while trying to jump through e window....YK said that e cat was really mean for laughing so hard at this silly kitten =P


e big fat group of Malaysian missionaries had checked out, & we could move into e bungalow we had reserved:

PC140167 DSCN3717
photos by YK

meat drying in e sun:


that evening we decided to avoid returning to 'little horse elder brother', & walked into Tian Tian 天天 restaurant, another living room-like establishment nearby, only to find e lady owner of 'little horse elder brother' sitting in there chatting with her friend....! & she lit up on seeing us & asked us to give her nephew our addresses in Singapore....

as usual, we were e only customers - tour groups end up in e restaurant of e hotel across e street from e 7-Eleven. back at Shin Sane Guesthouse, Mr Ho gave us his frank opinion of Xinghua School - too 老土 (old-fashioned), sticking to traditional methods of teaching, slow to update e curriculum, with students being force-fed stuff like 三字经 & other classics & stuff that they cannot relate to e.g. History & Geography of e Republic of China (don't forget e Kuomintang influence & that e school is Taiwanese-funded)....even after graduation e kids are still unable to speak Mandarin with confidence or read a newspaper in Chinese....he feels that e school should move ahead with e times & just teach Chinese as a language - when e kids are already burdened with a full curriculum at e Thai school, what is e point of repeating subjects like Math just for e sake of teaching it in Chinese?

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