October 24, 2006

sep 06 - 05

[230906] 3.5 taolus in less than 2 hours: 3-duan qiang + 4-duan qiang + old jingsai changquan + shuang jian = memory overload *brain burst*

[240906] makes e cat think of Mrs Termite Lau:


[250906] saw someone learning ji1 ben3 zong1 he2 quan2 during N*S wushu training, & realised that 7+ years have passed since e cat learnt it in KE7 wushu....lao3 mao1 (old old cat) *cue creaky joints & drooping whiskers*

[270906] e cat's annual trip to e nearby Geylang Serai Hari Raya pasar malam:


painted by Chinese Muslims from Xi'an:


reminds e cat of e Islamic calligraphy pieces in e Asian Civilisations Museum - beautiful =)

friendly stall owner allowed photos after checking that e cat wasn't a journalist - she didn't want pictures with Allah's name to be printed in newspapers that people would use to wrap fish in wet markets. just like how Thailand requires permits for Buddha figurines that are to be brought out of e Kingdom, for fear that outside e country, non-Buddhists might not accord them e same kind of respect, like how some furniture stores, interior decorators & home owners display them on e floor at people's feet....

[280906] phase 2 coming up:


Matrix, Genome, Centros, Chromos, Helios, Nanos, Proteos & now e new buildings named Neuros (can just imagine it full of neurotic people) & Immunos....next we'll have Psychos, Sickos, Gigolos, Potatos, Tomatos, Pomelos & Mentos ;)

nature's art:


[290906] excerpt from wrong reason for rise in unemployment by Chris Choo:

It’s also debatable whether it makes sense to use the overall unemployment rate in reports because of the large number of non-resident workers in Singapore. According to SingStat’s 2005 General Household Survey there are around 622,500 economically-active non-residents in Singapore in a workforce of 2.37 million. This makes up for around 26.3% of the workforce - not exactly a small percentage.

Since economically-active non-resident Singaporeans are generally here on work permits, one expects their employment rate to be much higher than the average Singaporean citizen or PR. As a result, reporting the overall unemployment rate only shows the better side of the employment situation. A good report should mention both the resident and non-resident unemployment rate to give the complete picture of the situation....

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