October 11, 2006

great singapore car wash

[300906] rising PSI triggered e smoke detectors & sprinkler system 'upstairs' ;)

SBS 55 along Jalan Eunos:


heavy rain INSIDE e Superbus as well - on e upper deck:


e terms 'swash' & 'backwash' from coastal Geography come to mind =P no wonder other passengers were sitting with their feet up, either cross-legged or with knees pressed against e back of e seat in front of them, to avoid getting their shoes soaked. e 'wave' swept from back to front each time e driver stepped on e brakes, & when e bus turned left or right at junctions, e 'wave' swept across e aisle from left to right/right to left.

highly doubt this amount of water could have come from wet umbrellas brought on board by passengers....it had started raining just ~10 minutes before e cat boarded.


passengers started moving their belongings out of e way & sitting away from e windows.

at e cat's feet:

maybe this is how SBS saves money on cleaning e interior of buses, since e cat has encountered this on SBS Superbuses on several occasions over e years?

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