October 07, 2006

sep 06 - 04

[100906] continuation of e cat's day out with a fellow cat (supergarf)....

after observing e Japanese tea gathering demonstration at e Asian Civilisations Museum, e 2 cats moved on to e Noh mask exhibition, e Islamic civilisation gallery, & e Museum Shop by Banyan Tree. & then supergarf wanted to see IMF flowers....

Singapore Biennale at City Hall:

P9100373 P9100372 P9100370

more IMF flowers:

P9100378 P9100378a

why does it look so sterile?


is e cat hunting for a soul in e wrong place - where there is none?

man-maid opening a new fish-eating place in CityLink:


on to Marina Square Azabu Sabo for soft ice cream on warm baked sweet potato stuffed with azuki red beans =) e last time e cat came to Azabu Sabo with supergarf, e ice cream machine was out of order.

& then it was off to KE7 with laoshi to observe Liu laoshi coaching e KE7 team....turned out to be some sort of wu3 lin2 da4 hui4 with e other Xue laoshi & Zhou Huiyan present too. laoshi got so excited she jumped straight into teaching YF, ZH & one other guy e 3-man cudgel duel routine....wearing heels! & e baby finally got to see laoshi's 'perpetually surprised' look ;) & Cat mama almost didn't detect e baby's sis infiltrating KE7 wushu, though PINK CHEEKS are a dead giveaway....she picked up wu3 long2 pan2 da3 faster than most of e freshies =P see boi's account & baby's account.

[160906] prata dinner with e 2 Ks after 3 hours of learning to play with e new toy. little sunshine & porifera were supposed to join us but they somehow ended up at a different branch of e prata place =P

listening to one of e K's stories of foreign postgrads in e worm-class uni, & observing them on attachment to e cat's non-worm-class-uni lab....there appears to be a big fat difference (in quality) between them & e foreign postgrads in e cat's going-to-be-defunct graduate program?

on e way home, e cat's bus (& several other buses) almost ran down a drunkard who kept stepping into e bus bay at e bus top outside e Little India MRT station. he had obviously soiled himself & staggered around, muttering & waving his finger at people at e bus stop who were so freaked out they backed off & huddled together at e other end....

[170906] after this & this, there will be new neighbours soon:


who will get oily cooking fumes coating e nice glass panel windows, as their units face an entire row of backyards used as outdoor kitchens, kampung-style =P e cat will start hearing them brush their teeth & gargle, & maybe even see what they keep in those wooden wardrobes....e units are that close to e cat's window. all they will see of e cat are Zo card curtains =P

no end to e construction noise =( as one project is completed, a new one starts (above, bottom right), & soon another new one will start too, as CHIJ Katong primary is going to be torn down....=|

[date unknown] from Japan Houses by Marcia Iwatate & Geeta K. Mehta, browsed long ago during some trip to Borders:

set aside a room or a certain hour of e day
where you do not even know what is in e morning papers
& bring forth what you are, & what you might be
this is a place of creation & incubation
a sacred space that you use every day
at first you might think nothing is happening
but something will happen
& you will eventually find yourself again & again

- Joseph Campbell

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