September 14, 2008

260807 中元节 Hungry Ghosts Festival - 9 九殿平等王

"九殿平等王" - 平等王 King Ping Deng presides over the 第九殿 ninth court and the largest of the various hells:



"十殿转轮王" - 转轮王 King Zhuan Lun governs the 第十殿 tenth hell:


Souls are sent here to be reincarnated after completing their punishments in the various hells; those who have not sinned at all are transferred directly from the first court to this court. Here, they drink 忘魂汤 lit. 'forget soul soup' to wipe out all memories of their previous life at 孟婆亭 Meng Po pavilion (bottom left), before they proceed to be reincarnated as rich & intelligent humans, poor & feeble humans, animals with legs, animals without legs, etc:


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