August 19, 2006

aug 06 - 01

[020806] on e way to get lunch, walked past e big fat banyan in e drizzle & found it FULL of birds hiding from e rain - more than 5 pink-necked green pigeons (never seen more than one individual at a time before) + 2 noisy looks-like-glossy-starlings + more than 3 bright yellow black-naped orioles + lotsa other no-idea-how-to-ID non-mynah/sparrow/crow birds =) on e way back, most were still there, including one of e pink-necked green pigeons that appeared to be kooning.

[030806] Education is about lighting a spark, not filling a bucket - from ST Forum letter by Ms Tay Boon Hock

[070806] IMF+World Bank meetings are coming! roads are being repaved, & instant trees & shrubs are sprouting up overnight a la Jack & e Beanstalk in strategic spots along e ECP & Nicoll Highway & e Suntec/City Hall area, hiding e ugly bits of Circle Line & Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway construction sites.

Orchard Road without stripes:


instant (no need to add hot water =P) traveller's palms, frangipani trees (they come in HUGE pots that are sunk into big fat holes dug in e ground) & other plants:


outside Paragon:


[080806] colleague who asked for e microscope room key almost screamed & dropped it, because of e keychain e cat had attached to it - a little rather life-like-looking frog....orz

[090806] national day sunset:


[100806] cat-nabalism - Hello Kitty inari sushi from Ngee Ann City Cold Storage:


[110806] Holland Drive market & food centre:


[140806] in e evening, met a fellow SPS alumni on his way back to SSLS on e SBS95....e cat could still remember that he was working there, & that former SPS staff mentor Prof A. Huan was a pioneer =P e next morning, found a message from him saying that it was great catching up - he'd hunted down e cat's work email on e web, so nice =)

on e SBS14 home at ~11.15PM, counted 45 taxis in e stretch of road between e Orchard Emerald & Plaza Sing bus stops....

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