August 17, 2006

jul 06 - 05

[290706] evening sky:


crescent moon:


moments later fighter jets would roar across for yet another NDP rehearsal & spoil everything with ugly grey trails of smoke =_=

[300706] on e way to SDT's BUTS at Fort Canning with supergarf....

Queen Street - where e school moved to in 1928, almost half a century after its founding in 1879 (or 1844, if you count e girls' section in RI):


simple & nice - e 'carrot' (according to e cat's dad) + plain toast + burnt toast + 'filiae melioris IVY' =P


original intent was to catch Oshima Sakiko's 'Whose Voice Cries Out', but e performance dates are too close to e cat's supervisory committee meeting, so we settled for BUTS with e Kino discount:


Mr Purple Lim came to mind, cos he'd taught Maths, PE & gymnastics in RGS & used to dance for SDT. think he's far better at ballet (image of him partnering Cecilia Hon who used to teach Physics comes to mind), teaching PE & as a gymnast than at teaching Maths or cleaning OHPs. after an entire year e cat understood nothing he'd taught about graphs, not even how to plot y=x, but it learnt everything from someone else in less than a week later on. when it came to OHPs he used his hanky & saliva >_<


good weather + katsu-don o-bento from Raffles City basement Kuriya + entertainment + e chance to lie down to watch e clouds moving across e sky during intermissions so inspired supergarf, who now wants to go camping to stargaze =)

[310706] Waterloo Street-Bras Basah Road junction from upper deck of SBS14:


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