August 19, 2006

happy big fat whale day

over e past 2+ years....

[140104] Hello Kitty War round 1:


ashtray in shape of bike helmet handpainted with Hello Kitty design for man-maid. cat mama had to hunt for an ang pao with e Hello Kitty picture to show e artist at e Chinatown CNY pasar malam, so that he could copy e design onto e ashtray.

[180804] Hello Kitty War round 2:


e biggest project to date, with KeroP, JohnHawk & MP helping out. back to Chinatown, where man-maid & cat mama hunted down e Hello Kitty & whale towels. streamers, balloons & lanterns came from e Ophir Road toy shop in Bugis. e whalemobile makeover took less than an hour while whale papa was busy face-stuffing with JohnHawk at YIH.

turns out that we started a trend:

Hello Kitty Ferrari (photo of exhaust pipe)
Hello Kitty Mitsubishi Kei

he was later made to drive his whalemobile through e campus from S16 carpark to KEVII Hall. along e way even a police patrol car slowed down to stare.


his workstation also kena makeover:


[300105] Hello Kitty War round 3:


whale exacted his revenge with a Hello Kitty birthday cake + place mat + tissue box holder for man-maid =P

[011005] a break from Hello Kitty-ing:


PINK & gold hula hoop for e whale to jump through. baby & man-maid got it from e Holland Village toy store.

[120206] Hello Kitty War round 4:


Hello Kitty-ing resumes, with whale papa & tuition teacher decorating a pink torch with Hello Kitty stickers from e Chinatown CNY pasar malam (favourite hunting ground). cat mama modified e torch:

photo by man-maid

wasn't sure how big or small e outline should be in order to get a clear image at a reasonable distance - took a few attempts & some testing in one of e darkrooms at e cat mama's workplace to get this:

photo by man-maid

man-maid was very pleased with this addition to his flashlight collection =)

[190806] 10-Q for being a source of family entertainment for us over e years:


here's to many more years of Hello Kitty-ing to come! hope you can find a MM soon so that we can have more help dreaming up of new ways to Hello Kitty you ;)

*evil laughter from man-maid & cat mama*

[ update ] e cat was late for wushu as an old lady who had difficulty climbing up & down steps got it to carry her marketing stuff off e bus, to e SBS52/410G/410W berth at Bishan Interchange, & up another bus. along e way she said she'd bought so much food as she was going to cook a big fat meal for her grandkid's birthday about coincidence! apart from big fat whale, happy birthday to e cat's dad + PET + Bill Clinton too =P

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