August 17, 2006

jul 06 - 04

[250706] free ride home from work courtesy of e monumental one, but with a detour to e airport. he appeared dressed in longs & e cat held its breath as it got into e car, just in case he was 'fresh from (out)field'....luckily he wasn't =P

two Lins:


one works in forests (& swamps & mudflats) & e other is now in forestry (& environmental studies) school. maybe it's something to do with their surnames.

not to scale:


to scale:


e monumental one's cat-shrinking effect at work again. two more examples of such 'trick photography' from e 2004 Kinabalu trip:

40 CRW_0977_RJ

maybe that is why we usually talk only when seated =P even TC looks small standing beside him!

one Lin left - lens testing at T1 viewing gallery:


attracted e attention of police on patrol, who allowed us to continue after taking down e monumental one's particulars. guess they thought e cat's Olympus pretty harmless & low-end. hope nothing happens to any of e planes we photographed....

T1 departure hall:


e cat has lost count of e no. of times it was left behind here by its parents, who lost count of e no. of kids (anywhere between 5-9!) they had in tow. they didn't realise that any were missing even after reaching home. e first time it happened, e toddler cat was found wandering alone happily in e viewing gallery, & handed over to airport police by some strangers. e subsequent times it happened, it knew how to make its way to e arrival hall info counter to find those adults who would inform its parents that they'd left something behind at e airport.

walking back to e car, spotted a perfect angle for capturing e control tower:


had bags & gear on e car bonnet & ground, & had to move several times to make way for cars that wanted to leave or park. initially worried that some drivers might mow us down, but most slowed down to stare instead. after quite some time, we packed up to leave, only for e monumental one to realise that he'd forgotten to change his ASA/ISO everything had to be unpacked again! by e time this Lin reached home e other Lin would have already landed at Don Muang.

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