August 27, 2006

happy baby day

2003 N*S wushu training camp - think e whole baby business started with this video?

10-Q to man-maid for uploading this

two tails!!


still recall tuition teacher's kan4 xian1? ;)

baby angel

[160104] e xian1 that turned out to be one violent aeroplane-flying, grenade-throwing, boi-spearing baby:


lucky whale papa is trained in demolitions work =P

started off with babysitting & bedtime enforcement, & then e milk bottle + bib (lau whale, we didn't take any photos?), & then....

[310704] shopping for e 21st baby day:

310704-14 310704-16

while e family adults were eating fish at Forum Genki, tuition teacher spotted this pair of wings:


[140804] cat mama + man-maid heading to Chinatown to hunt for a(nother) ninja:


family complete - ninja found:


[220804] family guys in duck's room sewing clothes for baby's toys:



[270804] 21st baby day at KE7:

280804-1-baby bday bbq

baby powder....for wushu shoes:


[270806] don't think babies cannot kena Hello Kitty-ed!!

babyHK1 babyHK2

may there be plenty of good weather ahead, so that whale papa need not complain that raincoat very troublesome to keep, cat mama won't hafta hide under cars for shelter, man maid won't have to dry out his falconz wings & e tuition teacher duck-that-cannot-swim won't drown in puddles =P

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