August 17, 2006

jul 06 - 03

[190706] night view from NUS LT4:


first time seeing this view since e completion of e elevated Telok Blangah-Pasir Panjang semi-expressway. e KEVII 98/99 'Life question' on e name of e 'island with 3 chimneys' + BL4206 fieldtrip to Southern Islands from West Coast Ferry Terminal + Cyrene reefs come to mind ;)

engin bridge:


[220706] from e upper deck of SBS55, spotted antzzz boarding e same bus - e way she furrows her brows is so distinct, even from an 'aerial' view =P scared e heck out of her with a 'you just boarded a bus right?' SMS....

where are you? how come you know one?!

Big Brother is watching
*evil grin*

even more freakish since e last time e cat ever SMS-ed/called her was probably months or even a year plus ago! in e end e cat revealed its hideout & she came up to e upper deck for a chat =P

[230706] found on living room floor:


cute ribs - ants sure had a feast! this is what e cat likes about nature - no wastage, just like sky burial, to benefit others even when dead =)

[230706] from upper deck of SBS12:


everyone has a story to tell - wonder what's hers? as e world becomes more & more crowded, people become lonelier & lonelier, even as they jostle cheek by jowl?

[240706] with regards to this....

pity to see a once proud team degenerate to this? total loss of discipline, spirit & direction, & an attitude towards learning that leaves much to be desired. basic respect/courtesy for coaches - inform them if trainings are cancelled....that hard to do?

in wushu (& many many other things), closing one's mind = sealing off e road to improvement. doing same thing over & over again, being very self-satisfied with it, & not seeing any further need to think/troubleshoot/correct/refine e execution.... by endlessly repeating same mistake, you will just end up perfecting e mistake, not e movement. & am not even talking about expression here.

to that person: wushu is not just about collecting/amassing a huge repertoire of taolus/routines - if not, wushu would be no different from collecting stamps/coins/action figurines/stickers - especially when e cat has yet to see a decent gong1 bu4 (let alone ma3 bu4) from you during ji1 ben3 gong1 after ~2 years. wish you could learn what is humility, & try to limit e damage to yourself - now when you teach others you are passing on your mistakes, as well as e risk of injury.

nevertheless, e cat is also grateful to you for being a constant reminder to reflect on & be aware of what wushu training should be about, how it should conduct itself as a senior, & for triggering this train of thought =)

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