September 09, 2006

aug 06 - 02

[150806] e cat was directed to an audio clip in e right navigation bar of a blog. as e mp3 played, a male narrator spoke in Japanese, & e only 4 words e cat could understand were yama (mountain), doko (where), kokoro (heart/spirit) & watashi (I)....*blur*

& then it glanced at e post on e left, & realised that it was listening to a voice from e grave.

how film immortalises - e late Murashigi is frozen in time as Monkeyboy, to be remembered forever as a young man who will never age with time. & he will continue to be seen by many many whom he will never get to see, long after he has left this world.

human fear of death = fear of forgetting (& fear of being forgotten)? like Aio-kun watching home videos of his late wife in Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu, trying to hold on to e memories slipping from his grasp?

e mp3 is White Plastic Bag, from Royston Tan's short film Monkeylove, & e words scrawled on e picture in e post is e English translation of e narration.

when you dream, is it colour?

a question e cat used to ask when it was little =)

[150806] more omiyage from Tokyo, this time from e remaining dragonboater in e lab:


with such a less-than-appetising appearance, few dared to touch it =P yet another solo Japan trip planned with e help of LKB & e cat, who are considering ditching their PhD studies & setting up their own version of JTB =P

higher powers expect boss to hire only THIN staff....


job requirement: love for playing bumper chairs everyday at work + non-fragile abdomen that can tahan impact of edge of desk when you on your chair are shoved aside.

[150806] counted 5 cockroaches (sizes ranging from hatched-not-long-ago to ~3cm) from e cat's seat on board SBS751S service 196. wonder what's e total no. within that single deck bus, & how many unhatched egg cases there may be....& how come e cat has never seen a roach before on SMRT buses?

[180806] on e way to work:


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