January 28, 2008

apr 07 - marine parade

[290407] because one day the cat will no longer be able to recognise this place:


CHIJ Katong primary school before demolition:


Where Cat-cat & Pig-pig had their first ever chance to vote in a general election:


Once upon a time, while studying in the school across the road, they watched this school building being built. Now they watch it being destroyed.

Once upon a time it was a big fat field, empty but full of memories & fun for the cat:


This extension building stands where a row of angsana trees used to be, beside the carpark where the cat & buddies crawled beneath teachers' cars to retrieve tennis balls when playing hantam hola.

The cat has heard educators discussing placing such Chinese characters & building Chinese-style arches over the main gates as a strategy to reduce the enrolment of non-Chinese students in such schools:


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