January 27, 2008

mar 07 - misc

[040307] once upon a time the cat used to love carousels:


Especially the huge one at Funworld(?) in Parkway Parade, in the space currently occupied by Banquet food court. Actually it loved climbing up & hanging from the poles on the carousel rather than riding on the seats.

[090307] lab dinner at Holland Village Vietnamese noodle restaurant Pho Hoa, wall mural from left to right:


The cat likes such 'utopian' propaganda-ish art from (former) Communist countries - the more 'kitsch' the better =) Everyone is well-fed, well-dressed & smiling, rivers & lakes full of big fat fish, emerald green fields & abundant harvests, a hundred flowers blooming, rainbow across the blue sky...interesting how the first picture has what looks like San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in the background ;)

[110307] where Indonesian domestic maids are displayed like aquarium fish =|


Once a maid fell from the second storey of this place, think she was trying to escape? All the times the cat has walked past this place, it has never seen any of them smile.

[160307] opposite Clarke Quay MRT bus stop:


Another long bus ride, this time on SBS 12:


[170307] Pig-pig's shop?


[310307] after Khatib Bongsu, Sungei Simpang Kiri & Tanjong Irau, an elated birthday fish-eating cake-burning session with the wushu family:


The cat thought it would be fun to watch everything on the cake burn out just for the heck of it:


Not enough to trigger the smoke detectors & fire alarm in Esplanade Ichiban Sushi. But enough to freak out baby-in-law? ;)

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