January 27, 2008

mar 07 - sungei simpang kiri + tanjong irau

[310307] Sungei Simpang Kiri & Tanjong Irau beach in blazing hot afternoon sun:


[1] does baby doctor come here often to 放飞机 (fly people's aeroplane)?
[4] looking towards Sembawang Park from Tanjong Irau


[1] Yishun Indistrial Estate heavy vehicle carpark
[5-6] strange place to find an armchair
[9] a rare natural unreclaimed white sand beach in Singapore
[10] the ugly-fied concretised canal-ised Sungei Simpang Kiri

Plenty of trash:


Including a Malaysian driving licence, a small pillow, many motorcycle helmets, a packet of economy rice from some Johor stall (according to the plastic bag), manymanymany cigarette butts, a television set, & manymanymanymany plastic bags.

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