January 27, 2008

mar 07 - khatib bongsu 03



[1] rubber seed 'shell' - can turn one piece upside down, then use thumb & forefinger to hold both pieces together (the pieces can sort of interlock), & huff & puff & watch the halves spin
[3] man-maid hunting for tuition teacher duck in a pothole puddle
[4] flowers but couldn't find any passionfruit to eat
[6] there were tonnes of these shells everywhere


[1] brightly coloured male & less striking female catfood
[2] male catfood perched on what he uses to raise more catfood
[3] same as [2] but different tree in different area
[4] upsized extra-value meal in the distance
[5] nest of another [4]
[6] cat toy busking


[9] why are you so interested in looking at my food?

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