January 20, 2008

from 300 to 740

[010307] the old mju300 with remote control:


& the new mju740 with 5X optical zoom for a short blind cat:


& the old as seen in the new & the new as seen by the old:


Smaller & lighter but with same heavy duty all-weather toughness. mju300 handed over to cat's sis, still going strong after 4+ years despite having been dropped several times by butter-paws & exposed to almost all elements of nature (rain, snow, hail, rocks, ice, rivers, mud, sand, a lot of guano, fine dust, fog, mist, etc) except for lightning strikes, tornados & dunking in seawater. has travelled from +0m to +4095m a.s.l. & survived spilt drinks & clear soups too, but not tested with curry yet. Only thing that broke (after 3+ years) was a little 'clip' that allows the sliding lens cover to activate the on/off mechanism.

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