January 20, 2008

jan 07 man-maid's birthday

[280107] foreign friends often comment on the Singaporean tendency to tell others what they should do, in what is often seen as an 'I know what's best for you' attitude...well right here, from cradle to grave, Singaporeans are constantly being told what's 'for their own good' & what they should do:


Man-maid's birthday fish-eating session at Marina Square Genki, complete with Hello Kitty birthday cake:


Man-maid roasting a pig by candlelight:


& murdering a cat:


& a happy big fat dunno what year (yes the cat forgot your age yet again, so it will never think that you are old) birthday to man-maid again, for this post comes almost a year after these photos were taken, on the day of man-maid's next birthday =)

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