January 20, 2008

dec 06 - jan 07 wedding dinnersss

[101206] another SPS reunion:


The monumental fellow owner of an Olympus mju300 passed the cat his 2 spare Li-10B batteries & 2 spare xD cards as it was heading off for Laos in a week's time. Before the dinner started we browsed around IMM Daiso, where the cat picked up a tiny super-lightweight screwdriver kit, two sizes of flat blade & one Philips:


Perfect for travel =) During & after the dinner the cat was shown spectacular photos of the latest monumental trip, this time to K2 base camp in the Karakoram Himalaya.

Don't know how many batches of SPSians:

click here for larger size version

[070107] hours after the cat's return from 3 weeks in Laos + Chiangrai + Chiangmai, the wedding dinner of a primary 1-5 classmate (& later JC schoolmate):


She used to live across the road from our primary school, & we took parallel walking routes to JC - she along the beach, the cat further inland. A big fat surprise to meet another primary 1-5 classmate at the same table, whom the cat has not seen for 9 years =))

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