July 29, 2006

jul 06 - 01

[010706] friend kooning in Bishan central:


[060706] super belated from baby:


who had already eaten half of e Estee Lauder lipgloss taste-alike (according to Pig-pig) Kit Kat! no need for cat mama to scold e baby for eating chocolate without permission, cos baby-in-law will! ;)

[070706] fragile beauty in suspended animation - HP's jasmine tea:


cat like ดอกมะลิ dok3 ma2 li2 flowers (& e light scent), especially when threaded into พวงมาลัย phuang1 maa1 lai1 garlands =)

[080706] Fort Canning Park has large old beautiful trees, with gnarled roots & boughs, & epiphyte-laden branches that form a squirrel highway network =) 10-Q for showing e cat this view.

[090706] for e first time since March 2005, managed to sleep till 5pm =)) heavy rain throughout e day put a stop to e construction work right outside e cat's bedroom window that has been going on from 7am to 11pm 7 days a week ever since then.

[100706] WXY's emotional thesis defence in e Matrix. probably one of e most well-attended, with many friends from other labs & fellow JRFs coming to give their support & wish her well, & she broke down at e end while thanking each & every person who had helped her in one way or another in this long journey =) husband & parents were all there - first time have come across relatives attending a thesis defence, & her dad gave out roses to her labmates!

been amazed by her tremendous spirit ever since VJ days & representing S1 in long jump & 4X400m together =) & won't forget how she whacked many many guys with her 8+min 2.4km timing in J2 =P together with MWN, that would make 2 PhDs from that particular batch from MacPherson Sec? wish her all e best in SF, so happy for such a wonderful girl =))

[100706] Sept 2001 honours field course frog team - from this:

photo by future groom, with e one he didn't know would be his future bride in foreground

to this:

frog team out of e jungle =P

still highly amused by e way things have turned out *grin*

tall frog catcher happily reprised his 'eh you look like you cannot finish, come let me HELP YOU' *reach over to take plate away from under your nose* act again & again, just like in e Phuket days =P but he & LTM still made sure e cat was well-stuffed - e next table had only 5 diners (including a vegetarian) & passed us all their leftovers, so there was more than enough to go around, even with e 2 bottomless pits sitting on either side of e cat.

caught up with LTM during e dinner & on e long bus ride home - for once, no battered station wagon =P he has been to Laos for survey work related to e Nam Theun 2 project (more on e impact of e proposed dam), & his brother has been to some really interesting place (that e cat has forgotten e name of!!) with interesting wildlife for missionary work. & he ta paos food home from e same Hong Kong Street outlet - keep forgetting that he lives (in a pond?) just one bus stop away.

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