July 04, 2006

jun 06 - 03

[120606] big fat moon:


[130606] spotted a lady even tinier than SPS's Bin-bin walking past e MOE bus stop yesterday evening....definitely <1.5m in height. & then read this article on CNA online early e next morning:

12 Jun 2006 2110 hrs
Parents want height limit raised for free rides on buses, MRT
By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : With the average height of children going up, parents are asking for the height limit for free rides on public transport to be raised.

But public transport companies here say this is not possible as huge costs would be incurred.

Statistics from the KK Women's and Children's Hospital show that children in Singapore are getting taller.

The height of a three-year-old girl may range from 87 centimetres to 101cm, and the height of a four-year-old girl may range from 94cm to 109cm.

Overall, the height of girls under seven in the 50th percentile has also increased, from 157cm in 1988 to 159cm in 1993.

way back in 1988, e height of girls under e age of 7 in e 50th percentile was already greater than e maximum that e cat will ever attain?! no wonder hawker centre & canteen stallholders are still calling e cat 'xiao3 mei4' when it is nearing 30 *grin* or is there something wrong with a figure or two in e last paragraph? can't imagine that many kindergarten girls standing at close to 1.6m....!

a few hours later this article disappeared mysteriously from e CNA website ;)

[130606] blooming on KTM land:


[130606] big fat moon again - over SMU, through e dirty windows on e upper deck of a shaky SBS Superbus:


over East Coast:


[140606] e tall lizard-catcher's dad passed away a week ago. as we talked over MSN, he was at home packing up & putting away his dad's stuff. there is always this fear of forgetting? of e day (which might or might not come) when one realises one can no longer recall how a face looks like, or a voice sounds like, or a touch feels like? you try hard to recall, but your mind draws a blank. & you panic - that another link has been severed?

[140606] Biopolis Calotes without flash:


with flash:


like e sun skinks they come out in e evening to enjoy e heat radiating from road surfaces, concrete kerbs & pavements, & dark-coloured manhole covers....urbanised reptiles ;)

[150606] Paterson Road bus stop smoker:

P6150071 P6150071a

si mi enforcement?

[160606] after e rain:


so pretty it makes one think of white chocolate dusted with cocoa powder =)

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