July 02, 2006

jun 06 - 02

[070606] ST interview with Fei Xiang:

....when it comes to love, there's no such thing as 'forever'. People change, circumstances change. Life itself is change.

interviewer: Yet you said that an emotional life & sex are necessary but not necessarily under e premise of marriage. Why?

If two people are happy together, then that should be enough reason to stay. I don't think legal strictures or societal stigma should ever bind two people together. However, if children are involved, a legal structure to e relationship may be necessary to guarantee their safe upbringing & education.'

interviewer: I like what you said - that if there is no opportunity for getting married, we don't have to be burdened with pressure from society & parents & find someone to 'solve e problem'. Do you then think that women have a harder time than men in this aspect?

I believe that much of e world's current clash of 'values' (liberal vs conservative, Islam vs e West) is actually over men's fear of losing control over women. How can we perpetuate a society that seeks to control & limit e choices of our own mothers, daughters & sisters? As Asian men, we must learn to value e personal happiness of women as much as our own.

interviewer: Also quoting you, 'people who prefer to love instead of being loved keep cats'. Are you a cat or dog person?

A cat person, of course! It's true! Cat-owners give love constantly without expecting anything in return. Dog-owners want to receive non-stop, unconditional adoration from a mindless, drooling creature. Ha ha.

[090606] SMS from e one whose kor has 7+++ cats:

090606 14:31 Wahlau im getting so bored. Everytime im with colleagues, always end up talk about bonds! Argh!

bonds in this context refers to scholarship bonds ;)

[110606] woken up at 0700AM sharp by construction work right outside e window, as has been e case every day since March 2005. went out to retrieve e newspapers & found a black+brown+white (what Pig-pig terms 'san1 he2 yi1' aka. 3-in-1) kitten with a cute brown tail hiding from e rain beneath e car

laundry day....discovered two pairs of used socks in e old man's shoes, 3 days after he flew off for holiday. each shoe had a dark green sock scrunched up in e heel area, & a navy blue sock stuffed tightly in e toe area. no prizes for guessing that he was too lazy to bother with removing e e navy blue pair that he wore on Wednesday & throwing it into e laundry basket, & left it in situ....& then wore e green pair on Thursday & stuffed his feet into e shoes with Wednesday's pair still decaying in there & went to work with two pairs of socks in his shoes.

& e cat happened to look for e used socks in his shoes cos it was puzzled that his used socks weren't to be found in e usual place - thrown on e floor behind e front door.

27 years is too long to be living with this kinda man, who thinks that he bought a magic house with a magic floor - any dirty clothes that land on it will miraculously appear in his wardrobe freshly laundered & pressed.

[120606] caught first half of e live telecast of e royal barge procession down e Mae Nam Chao Phraya in Bangkok - 10-Q to rumpel for e alert & URL =))

4 royal barges plus many 'lesser' barges making up a flotilla of 52, travelling down e Mae Nam Chao Phraya in Bangkok past e Grand Palace to e Wat Arun landing site, accompanied by e royal barge chant, as part of e celebrations of e 60th anniversary of HM King Rama IX's accession to e throne....didn't understand a word of e chant but nonetheless it was strangely moving =)

e barge shown on e upper left & also moving across e top part of this page http://th.60thcelebrations.com/th/index.php - is e Suphannahongse. e other 3 royal barges & e rest of e 'lesser' barges.

more from e RTN homepage:

e history of e royal barge procession

http://www.navy.mi.th/sctr/royal_barge_60/ch.php - men in uniform....of a very different kind =P wonder how e oarsmen & crew can tahan e Bangkok heat wearing that....

rituals & more rituals to carry out cos absolutely nothing is allowed to go wrong *touch wood*

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