July 10, 2006

jun 06 - 04

[160606] from Meidi-Ya (left), NTUC (middle) & Narita Airport (right):


10-Q to one of e 2 Ks for e Nihonbashi Bunmeido matcha cake (above right) & cats from Shibuya Tokyu Hands (below):


[170606] Pig-pig & Cat-cat laundry day! 3 loads of clothes, bedsheets & a blanket. in between loads & hanging up 3 drying racks & 2 poles worth of laundry, they chilled out on e living room floor with Ken Hirai's 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection on e CD player =))

[180606] Yolanda's Fever @ Dhoby Ghaut Atrium - wushu + lion dance + bagpipers & drummers playing Scotland e Brave....HUH? once again that strange sense of worlds colliding in slow motion....Scotland + wushu + Brian who asked e cat how it got to know rumpel, which in itself is another case of worlds colliding....this is becoming iterative!


cranes foraging near Fort Canning - no patch of green can be left alone:


catfood swimming through Dhoby Ghaut MRT:


Sun Yu-li seems to be everywhere....

Stamford Road NLB lives on - on a signboard in Dhoby Ghaut MRT station:


browsed in Times bookshop in Plaza Sing: (1) Footprint guidebook on Laos (2) Faraway Faces: The Vanishing World of Southwest China - beautiful coffee table book on minorities of Southwest China, including e Miao/Hmong with their amazing costumes & Lusheng festival (3) another coffee table book on e national parks of Thailand - Dischidia major, a plant with roots within hollow leaves, & Alocasia macrorrhizos Elephant Ear, one of e cat's favourite plants =) Phu Kradaeng NP & Ko Tarutao NP seem like beautiful places to visit.

[190606] K-Box Marina Square with AT wushu people:


[ photo from KH's camera ]

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