July 28, 2006

tuition teacher's birthday

[020706] another family face-stuffing session - dim sum at Harbour Front Dragon Gate restaurant to celebrate tuition teacher's birthday....e exact same place where man-maid kena Hello Kitty-ed by us in 2005 =P

view from Harbourfront carpark:


as a kid, used to wonder about e lack of seabirds in Singapore. in other countries there would be flocks of screaming terns, seagulls & albatrosses (& even pelicans, petrels, & gannets) diving into e sea & tonnes of bird poop all over e waterfront. e cat has spotted some seabirds on a few rocks off e Changi boardwalk, & that has been about it. is it due to e lack of undisturbed nesting sites & rocky cliffs for rookeries?

tuition teacher was made to change into his birthday gift (a T-shirt), & e shirt he'd changed out of was snitched away & kept safely from him to prevent him from changing back into it. e birthday gift has to be fully made use of, right?

[ photo credit: lau baby ]

& then e family piled into e whalemobile & ended up in Katong Settler's Cafe....

WAH LAU why bring e cat to a place with PINK walls?? *faint*

P7020187 P7020189

jenga....obvious that none of us can make it as civil/structural engineers. e top bit with blocks balanced criss-crossed was e cat's devious idea =P for e record, tuition teacher made it collapse. note lau baby's biologically-incorrect pig-hatching-from-egg T-shirt (pigs oviposit??).

switched to e sofas by e entrance to play pictionary - probably e only game e cat enjoys in such places:


man-maid + baby + cat mama vs. tuition teacher + whale papa. somehow tuition teacher ended up drawing a butt (that none of us could tell was one)....'right as rain' will never sound e same to any of us ever again. this kinda tuition teacher will 教坏小孩子 (bad influence on kids), should e parents still hire him....?

tuition teacher was made to sit by e glass panel entrance to show off his birthday gift:


how much is that ducky in e window?


close-up of e birthday gift - picture contributed by lau baby + wording by bigfatwhale using some online generator:


tuition teacher is supposed to wear this on his next trip back home to Kota Kinabalu, though e family knows that he'll probably do that only with a paperbag over his head =P once upon a long time ago, man-maid asked tuition teacher what Sabah natives refer to themselves as, & misheard tuition teacher's reply - Sabahan - as SABAHUNK =P

somehow we ended up in Eunos MRT station carpark in e whalemobile, cutting white hair from bigfatwhale's head:


SMU underground wushu:


not sure what kinda 八卦掌 (8 trigrams fist?) ballet man-maid is doing? *scratch head*


man-maid takes an invisible hit from whale papa - maid abuse?

whale too lazy to fly, hence e laziest 刮面腿 (scrape face kick?) ever:


wushu terms sound really strange (outer crescent/butterfly/tornado/lotus/etc kick? huh?) when translated for e benefit of non-Chinese & lousy-at-Mandarin Chinese friends....e cat has been extremely tickled by e literal meanings of e supposedly poetic names of certain moves that it has had to learn e.g. hundred cranes airing their wings (do they stink?), beauty looking at mirror (in dismay?) =P

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