July 25, 2006

jul 06 - 02

[110706] discovered e French+German section of Kino. Kino vs. Borders: former more cat friendly - shorter shelves (most) = easier to search for titles....towering shelves in e latter gives friends one helluva time hunting for e hidden deaf-to-handphone katek cat =P & Kino always wins because of PageOne & e Japanese section =)

kingyo furin from Kinokuniya:


natsu 夏 + matsuri 祭 + paper scoops for catching goldfish before they (e scoops, not e fish) disintegrate + hanabi 花火 + watermelon + yukata + lanterns come to mind....

from Discovery Travel Adventures' Rainforests + another (forgot e title) book:

coqui, an ovoviviparous frog that skips e tadpole stage, with e young hatching from eggs as froglets....

Hawaiian 'o'o bird Moho braccatus, none sighted since 1985 & believed to be extinct (click here for e only footage known of it)....

e cliffs of Na Pali coast & Kokee State Park in Kauai (places e cat has thought of visiting one day)....

Golden Toad Bufo periglenes from Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, last sighted in 1989 & also believed to be extinct....

Monte Fitz Roy in Argentina's Los Glaciares NP....

Chile's Torres del Paine NP in Patagonia (another place e cat dreams of visiting)....

tree kangeroos....

king bird of paradise Cicinnurus regius....

leaf tail gecko Uroplatus sp.....

giraffe-necked weevil....

such a big fat interesting world out there =)

[130706] biopolis sunset:


[140706] If you love Singapore too much, first it will break your heart, then it will break your soul - Alfian Sa'at

[140706] biopolis & one north park:


[160706] 2 Ks' world cup soccer bets - part 1 at tanglin mall mcDs:


still 2 X 5 pratas + 30(?) sticks of satay to go....=P

St Regis:


1 = Mr Lamp Head, 2 = Mr Armpit Sniffer, 3 = Mr Armpit Tickler, 4 = Mr Shoe Shine Man (let's not call him Mr Boot Licker =P)

Wheelock Place - one of e few architecturally interesting buildings along Orchard Road:



does anyone ever bother to look up too?

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