July 30, 2006


sorting through some old junk, found this photo from a hundred thousand years ago:

1998 aerospace

with colleagues at some Aerospace exhibition during post-A levels pre-uni days of working in a lab in DTTA. went as trade visitors on behalf of e bosses, not knowing what to expect....glad to have worn slacks, given e amount of climbing in & out of planes & helicopters that had to be done. e guys sweated enough to fill a swimming pool, & their long-sleeved shirts (no choice, trade visitor) became almost transparent.

also found a stack of flyers that exhibitors stuffed into our hands, approx A4-size with large pics of aircraft on one side & some specifications/write-up on e reverse. they look something like this:

gripen front
gripen rev

e cat is giving them away FOC. up for grabs are:

- F-22 (Lockheed Martin/Boeing)
- Joint Strike Fighter (Lockheed Martin)
- F-16A & B (Lockheed Martin) [2 copies]
- Nimrod 2000 (British Aerospace)
- Gripen (Saab/British Aerospace) [5 copies, pictured above]
- Hawk 100 (British Aerospace) [2 copies]
- Hawk 200 (British Aerospace) [3 copies]
- MB-339K (Aermacchi)

also one of MDD's Harpoon missile (few scratches), something from Airbus Industrie on A300/310/320/330/340 (dating from 1987 - they were giving out 11 y/o stuff?!), & a brochure each from British Aerospace (on training services & systems) & Evans & Sutherland (on visual systems).

for sale (name your price):

one copy (as good as new condition) each of issue #11 & #15 of Warbirds Worldwide, a magazine that has since ceased publication.

if interested, please leave a contact in e comments for this post.

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